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African Parks Network (APN) is the ultimate holding and strategic decision-making entity for African Parks. APN is a registered not-for-profit company under Section 21 of the Companies Act of South Africa and has Public Benefit Organisation status. 


Each park managed by African Parks is established as a separate legal entity, which is registered in the host country. Each legal entity has its own Board of Directors with representation by partner institutions and key stakeholder groups, including APN. This Board is responsible for signing and implementing the agreement with that host country’s Government and is directly accountable to them for the proper management of the park. APN is responsible for compiling the business plan for each park, determining capital investments, operating costs and levels of income for each year of management and appointing a skilled park management unit to execute the plan. 

Affiliated Organisations


The below entities are integral components to the organisation and their primary role is to facilitate the establishment of partnerships in their respective host countries with individuals, institutions and companies that are willing to partner and support the work of African Parks. They also provide the legal and governance mechanism through which funds can be channelled from supporting partners


African Parks Foundation of America:

The African Parks Foundation of America (APF) is a registered 501c3 not for profit organization with an office in New York City, established with purposes of raising both financial resources and public awareness to support the work of African Parks Network in park management and protecting Africa’s wildlife.


Stichting African Parks Foundation, Netherlands:


Stichting African Parks Foundation (SAPF) is the proprietary funding body of African Parks in the Netherlands. It is a charitable foundation established in the Netherlands (ANBI), with an office in Amsterdam, with the primary objective of ensuring the long-term integrity of some of Africa's national parks, through direct support of the activities of African Parks Network.