GarambaNational Park • DRC

Located in the north-eastern corner of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Garamba is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is exceptional in that it provides both savannah grasslands and extensive forest sections resulting in high levels of biodiversity. Unfortunately, civil war, unrest and the prevalence of highly militarised terrorist groups within the park have placed it under immense pressure, with rampant ivory and bushmeat poaching having a devastating impact on wildlife populations. Elephant and giraffe are amongst the worst affected, which is of particular significance as Garamba is home to the only notable populations of these species left in the broader region, spanning across four countries.

Garamba National Park is one of the oldest and most well-known national parks in Africa. It is one of the last true wilderness areas. Vast, open, gently undulating grasslands set the scene for spectacular encounters with large herds of elephant, buffalo and Uganda kob, whilst less common species such as giraffe and roan antelope appear unexpectedly.

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