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Majete Wildlife Reserve is situated in the Lower Shire Valley, a section of Africa’s Great Rift Valley that before African Parks’ involvement had been neglected to the extent that it was almost completely denuded of wildlife. It is now a Big Five reserve with a vibrant ecosystem and one of the leading tourism destinations in Malawi. Not only was Majete African Park’s first project, it has become a prime example of how savannah woodland conservation can go hand-in-hand with rural community development and engagement. Thousands of historically occurring animals have been introduced and flourished to the point that numbers have trebled, creating a tourism asset. 

Majete Wildlife Reserve, proclaimed in 1955, is situated in the Lower Shire Valley, a section of Africa's Great Rift Valley, covering an area of 700 km². Vegetation is diverse, ranging from moist miombo woodland in the western hills, to dry savannah in the east with prominent thickets along the riverbanks.

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Majete Wildlife Reserve
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