zakoumaNational Park • Chad

Located in the Salamat region of south-eastern Chad, Zakouma is one of the last remaining intact Sudano-Sahelian ecosystems in Africa. Despite many years of conflict in the area, Zakouma is considered a major conservation success story and a remarkable example of how parks can work with communities to bring a swift end to what once seemed like an insurmountable elephant poaching epidemic. As one of three national parks in Chad, Zakouma forms an integral part of the conservation of flora and fauna in the region. It is also the country’s only game-viewing destination offering guest accommodation, which provides precious tourism revenue and concomitant employment opportunities.

Zakouma National Park is located in the Salamat Region of south-eastern Chad, to the west of the town of Am Timan, approximately 800km by road south east of N'djaména. It has been described as one of the last strongholds for Central African wildlife and is considered a major conservation success story.

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