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Camp Nomade is erected in Zakouma's prime wildlife-viewing areas during the driest part of the dry season. It has a very short season, from mid-December to mid–April, making it very exclusive and highly sought after. 
The camp is modelled on the traditional nomadic camps of the Sahel region and is beautifully decorated with brightly coloured local carpets, nomadic bells and brassware. There are eight tents with a maximum capacity for eight guests, plus their private guide. Each tent consists of a black mosquito-net 'box' which offers 360-degree game viewing from the comfort of your bed with a stretch canvas above to provide shade. There is an individual bathroom for each guest made from local grass fencing screens with a rustic bucket shower and hot water. 
For more information email Imogen Hills at imogenp@african-parks.org


Every Camp Nomade group is booked, hosted and guided by some of Africa’s top private guides. If you would like more information on the private guides who are affiliated with Camp Nomade, please click here to download the PDF. Activities at Camp Nomade include morning, afternoon and night drives, walking safaris, and a local market visit, which is one of the most authentic cultural visits you will ever experience and fly camping with nomads to the north of the park or along the banks of the Salamat River.

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